Sales Letters [Samples]

Hire Professional Copywriter, Ghostwriter and Researcher

Dear Mr Williams

Have you ever considered how much time your creative department waste in researching, planning, and executing a well-researched project? Considering the number of projects lined up for each year, it will cost fortune employing more workforces at this time. Why not outsource using our “Hire A Writer” and your creative team will have enough tie to invest in other jobs while their researches and planning is been covered.

You will be surprised at how little it costs. For 365 days in a year your “Hire A Writer” does all the hard work all for less than an average month’s salary. There are no off-days, no holidays, no breaks, and no excuses, “Hire A Writer” is always available throughout the day, week, month and year; giving you full value for your money.

“Hire A Writer” is efficient, reliable, time-saving and economical. Backed by our international reputation for trustworthiness, it has become a fast-growing and welcoming idea in hundreds of offices across countries. Getting in touch and monitoring the progress of your job is quite easy and a piece of cake, all you need to do is to create a “Hire A Writer” account, file in your demands and get daily progress report. Nothing could be simpler.

Some of your business friends are surely using our “Hire A Writer”, though most often secretly. Ask them about it before you assign up; we are sure they will back up our claims. If you need further information we can arrange for our representative to call or visit your company for an interactive demonstration. You can as well get helpful details visiting our site at

Yours sincerely


Dear Reader

You can walk about the house, at work, in the streets, in the country. You take this ability for granted, yet it is denied to thousands of others – those who are born crippled or crippled in childhood by accident or illness.

It is estimated that every 5 minutes in Britain a deformed child is born or a child is crippled by accident or illness. This means that every day there could be 288 more crippled children.

Does this not strike you as unfair? Most of what is unfair in life is something we can do little about but here is one very important inequality which everyone can help with. The enclosed leaflet explains how you can help. Please read it carefully while remembering again how lucky you are.

Yours faithfully