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February 2019


First, I will love to acknowledge all those who wrote me after the y previous newsletter. It is fascinating to receive such remarks and knowing that you enjoyed the first issue gives me great joy.

This month I’m pleased to introduce you to the latest trend in corporate dressing. For the next two months I’ll guide you through the 2019 office fashions and how to rock them best. You don’t need to move a muscle all newsletters concerning this trend will be delivered to your email. Just in case you miss any newsletter, you can visit our website on to obtain info on this and more.

I will love to get you acquainted to some of the corporate dressings both of new and old designs that are currently trending in 2019. By next month, we will pick up three of any of the trending fashions for discussion. To get yourself acquainted, browse through Shining Star 2019 office collection via  or visit Shining Star showroom along Marylebone Tower, Ikeja Lagos.

I hear from you before my next newsletter. Don’t forget to write to me at with your thoughts and observations.