Emails [Samples]

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Dear Helena

We are considering sending some of our staff on a training course on Customer Services. Do you have a suitable course available within the next few months? If so please forward to my email the dates and times plus costs.

If there isn’t a regular Pioneer course scheduled, can you tailor-make a course especially for our staffs? We could hold it in our conference room.

Perhaps we can arrange to meet to discuss this – are you free next Friday 13 May at 12 noon? I could come over to you, or you could come over to my office. Please let me know.

Luqman Muhammed

Human Resource Manager

Communications Company



Dear Customer,

CDE Enterprise is committed to providing quality services, and as such we like to keep in touch with customer needs and views on the products that we sell.

To maintain our high standard of quality products and services to you, I hope you will take a few moments to complete the enclosed questionnaire. In appreciation of your trouble, I shall be pleased to gift you one of our superb CDE pens on receipt of your completed questionnaire at your next visit.

I look forward to receiving your reply, and can assure you of our continued good service to you in the future.

Yours sincerely