Business Plan [Sample]

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Our Business Plan Structure

  1. Executive summary

This chapter will dwell on the nature of the company, products and services to be offered, what makes the products or services unique, who manages it and how much is needed and what it will be used for.

2. Table of contents

3. Company description

Details on how the company started, how far it has achieved, plans for the future, history of sales, profits etc.

4. Products and services

Details on your product and services, what makes it special, how it meets the needs, what kind of machines would be needed

5. Market analysis

Details on research done on government policies, customer behaviour, trends, opportunities, projected growth

6. Market plan

Details includes awareness plan, marketing product and services, tactics to be employed to win over your competitors

7. Operations plan

Details include the ideal location, equipment, and staffing etc.

8. Financial plan

Details of sales forecast, profit and loss statement, cash flow projections, balance sheets etc.

9. Management

Details of the management of your company, this includes the board and managers of each department

10. Appendices

This will include resume of managers, promotional materials, products photograph, etc.