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Note the following before proceeding to booking:

  • To book an appointment, pick the date and time you want your work submitted i.e. the deadline, and not just any random date and time.
  • Also pick a single date for a single task, except you have other tasks you want to appoint to us.
  • If it is a contract that is expected to last for two days or more, you can go ahead and pick more days the contract will be valid.
  • You are not expected to make payment on this platform. The aim here is to notify us on what you want and also to notify you on the cost implications.
  • Also note that charges are made in Naira (Nigerian currency). Please disregard the dollar sign on your payment slip.
  • After your appointment has been sent by you and received by us, a correspondent will give you a feedback within an hour and negotiation can be made if there is a need.
  • We have discount opportunities; we will encourage you to get yourself familiar with them.
  • After your booking has been responded to, and agreement has been reached. You will be direct on how and when to make payment.
  • Now you can go ahead to make your bookings

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You may claim refund for a project only if the work has not yet started on the project and the request is made within 7 days from the date of payment. The refund will be processed after deducting any applicable transaction charges from the amount. However, once the work has started on a project or the request is made post 7 days from date of payment, no refunds will be issued. However, there are some exceptional cases, please find out before project commences.