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An academic essay or article is fashioned in a way that it answers to questions such as what, why, how and possibly where and when. The aim of an academic essay or article therefore is to pass, persuade, or prove a set of ideas.

Due to its intellectual expectations, academic essays are expected to be an outcome of proper search, research and critical thoughts. Thus, the structure of an essay is necessarily unique to the claim or ideas intended to be passed by the writer.

However, in presenting a standard academic essay the writer is expected to begin with the ‘what’ question in mind. Readers of an academic essay want to be introduced to what your essay is about.

The next stage is the ‘how’ question. People, especially readers of scholarly material, want to know how you mean about what you have claimed. Often times when you try to prove a fact among friends or colleagues, they then to ask questions like how and why in a bit to water their curiosity.

The “why” question makes the last stage of an academic essay, readers are equally interested in why you have the thought or ideas you have on that topic of discourse. So this is where an academic essay addresses the significance of the essay.

Writing academic essays is significant part of education around the world because overtime is has become a criterion for judging intellectual prowess of students. Academic essays give room for critical thinking and professionalism.

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Thesis is an academic paper involving in-depth research, structuring and strong view point. It essence as an academic paper is to authenticate the level of practical thoughts (critical reasoning) and scholarship (knowledge) on a given or selected topic.

A well written thesis is one which presents clear facts and findings on an argumentative topic. Such thesis must equally satisfy some academic or professional requirements which might vary from one academic field or department to another.

Just like academic essays, thesis is used to grade the academic strength of students quite familiar with the postgraduate students. Therefore, it requires accuracy which sometimes might require extra time and effort. Getting assistance from experts in the field will be much relieving and profiting.

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An annotated bibliography is quite similar to references – a listing of citations to books, articles, and forms of document. Annotated bibliography provides for each citation a brief description explaining the relevance of each cited documents to the research.

There are some important considerations to writing an annotated bibliography. These considerations make up the structure and expectations of an annotated bibliography. Full bibliographic citation, author’s background, purpose of the work, scope of the work, main argument, audience, methodology, viewpoint, sources, reliability of the source, conclusion, comparison and personal conclusion.

Technicalities required for annotated bibliography are pretty accessible to all but demand careful attention and recalling. Depending on the allotted time you have to finish up the task of annotated bibliography, you need help to finish swiftly and unquestionably.

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Creative nonfiction cuts across poetry, essay, speech, historical documentation among others. This branch of writing employs literary techniques. Creative nonfiction becomes an academic writing when it is in form of expository writing such as biography, autobiography, travel writing, literary journalism, diary, memoir among others.

Creative nonfiction finds it uniqueness in it real life expressions and exposure. Creative nonfiction requires of the writer to communicate facts or case in a story manner with the best of creative concepts and having it in mind that it is absolutely nonfiction.

We handle all forms of creative nonfiction. We cover human and business biography presenting them in any or all of these forms – essay, speech and poetry. Our travelling experts are amazing with creative concepts for nonfiction writing.